Your Innovative Vulcanizing
System & Solution Provider in Namibia

Induco Sales & Services – the market leader for Industrial Vulcanizing Services & Equipment, Tyre & OTR Repair Services, Equipment and Consumable Products in conjunction with custom tailored, value added and professional after sales service in Namibia.


What we do

Reliability & Timeliness

At Induco the service and sales departments guarantee technically sophisticated, advanced and economic solutions that are specifically designed to meet customer needs in the mining and automotive industry. Induco Sales and Services main stated objectives are as follows:

  • Management commitment to high quality workmanship and service standards
  • Regular monitoring of customer satisfaction
  • Supplying services, material and consumables at best cost prices and quality
  • Regular improvement of employee skills through on-the-job-training prorgams and in-house training for all employees, in all departments of the Company.
  • Creation of a positive work environment by providing incentives for good service performances to employees, as well as monitoring employee task satisfaction

why we do it

Company Mission

Induco sustains it’s market leadership in Southern Africa as a solution provider for industrial acid/water proofing, vulcanizing services and equipment, as well as consumable products in conjunction with custom-tailored added values and professional after sales service.

Induco is an innovative system supplier wherever wear, abrasion, impact, material build-up, corrosion or even noise are affecting operations.

Induco is synonymous with reliability, innovation and continuous product improvement.

High quality


We are your innovative solution provider wherever wear, abraision, impact, material build-up, corrosion or even noise are affecting operations.

Induco has managed to acheive a vast list of business acquisitions by providing the most competitive service package currently available in the Namibian Market. 

From constant customer reviews, we are in a position to state that our past and current service level performance, high quality workmanship, reliability and timeliness at the various customer sites are extremely positively rated.

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Phone: +264 81 149 5527
Address: Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Street,
29 Southern Industria,

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