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Induco Namibia specialise in the supply, design and repair of all conveyor pulleys. 


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Custom Conveyor Pulleys

INDUCO specialize in the supply, distribution, and outsourced repair of all conveyor pulleys, and have been in operation for a number of years, and take great pride in the services they have to offer. As part of their portfolio, supply as a number of their services, high-quality Conveyor Pulleys, inclusive of Tail Pulleys, Snub Pulleys, Single, and Dual Drive Pulleys, Head Pulleys, Spiral pulleys, Grease Filled Pulleys, Oil Filled Pulleys, T-top Pulleys and Bar or Slatted Pulleys.

INDUCO supplied Conveyor Pulleys are manufactured in accordance to the SANS 1669 Standards, and are delivered all around South Africa and surrounds. Furthermore, prides themselves in being able to offer the outsourced repair and refurbishing of conveyor pulleys, which has in their experience has promoted savings of up to 50% in costs to major mining sectors in South Africa, and surrounds, including enhancing turnaround time as well as having an improved productivity impact. 

Worn or damaged conveyor pulleys can be collected, thoroughly inspected by our engineers, and repairs quoted on accordingly.

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Quality Conveyor Pulleys & Repairs

You, the client, can specify, based on related options, if you would like to have the pulley fitted with lagging, with various options, inclusive of, Ceramic (smooth and dimpled), Diamond Grooved, in various thicknesses, Rubber, or Flame Proofed, as is fit for purpose, in addition to the choice of a premium bearing brand fitment, which is conducive to the relevant application. All the Rubber lagging is cured in an Autoclave for the best durability and performance.

All conveyor pulleys that are repaired have a service standard of a one-year manufacturing default warranty.

INDUCO has the capability and capacity to supply, distribute, and repair all sizes of Conveyor Pulleys, to suit any belt size.

All conveyor pulleys are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, as well as compliance to strict quality control measures, to ensure the best performance and durability of the conveyor pulley. 100% of all the components of the Pulleys INDUCO are able to supply are manufactured from Plate Rolling, Sub Arc Welding, Skimming, including all locking elements utilized.

For new projects and installations, INDUCO have a support team of engineers and draftsmen, to assist with the design of the correct pulley to suit your requirements, resulting in maximum productivity performance and durability thereof.


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