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We specialise in the distribution & supply of high quality Conveyor Belting


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High Quality Conveyor Belting

All belting we supply meets all national and international standards up to and including 3200mm wide. Induco Namibia are leading suppliers of high Quality Conveyor belting in Namibia and surrounding areas.

Belting products include;

All Plied Rubber Conveyors Including;

N And M Covers
Heat Resistant belts to 250 deg. C.
Flame Retardant
High Abrasive Covers

Induconam Also supply all Specialised Cover Compounds. ie. Acid, Oil, Resins and more.

1) Steelcord
2) All PVC Conveyors
3) Aramid Fibre Belting
4) Profiled and all specialised Belting.

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