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Induco Sales & Services – the market leader for Industrial Vulcanizing Services & Equipment, Tyre & OTR Repair Services, Equipment and Consumable Products in conjunction with custom tailored, value added and professional after sales service in Namibia.



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Quality Tyre Repairs

Induco Namibia offer you OTR tyre repairs, Patches and solutions, Gaiters and solutions, valves, tools and machinery and various products. Our high quality service over the years have attracted a strong customer base as we have become leaders in the tyre and vulcanizing industry. We have a team of highly skilled and trained technicians, perfectly suited to match your needs.

As with any automotive installment, a tyre fitment and tyre repair cannot be taken gently as the most impeccable focus must be taken to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Induco Namibia ensures the use of the highest quality materials and the best recommended procedures so that, where possible, tyres can be successfully returned to the roads and deliver a safer trip. All of our fitment and repairs are done in-house with a safety and quality check standard to ensure the safety of all of our repairs remain the best.


Induco Namibia offer you patching and solutions for your tyres. Consult with us today.


Tyre Gaiters available to suit you. Get in touch with us for your requests.


We offer tyre valve repairs on site. Request a quote today for your tyre valve.

tools & machines

Various repair tools and machinery is available to suit your needs.

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OTR Tyre repairs done at Induco Namibia.

truck tyre repairs

Repairs to truck tyres done.

tractor tyre repairs

Various Tractor tyre repairs

offroad tyre repairs

Offroad tyre repairs. Get in touch with us.

passenger car tyre repairs

Passenger car tyre repairs done.

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